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Embracing the Flavors: Exploring the World of Infused Coffees


At ClearPath Coffee, we embrace the development and growth of infused coffees. We are not only optimistic about the business potential they offer but also appreciate the boldness of the producers who dare to challenge traditional methods and bring something new to the market. Infused coffees provide an exciting and unique experience for consumers, and we believe it’s important to shed light on their incredible potential.

We do want to make a note on the terminology we prefer to use when referring to these coffees. At ClearPath we prefer to use the term Co- fermented when referring to coffees that are being processed with fermentation aids such as fruits, spices, yeasts or hops.

Ensuring Transparency:

Unfortunately, not all companies play a fair game when it comes to infused coffees, and we find it both upsetting and unjust. Deceptive practices that mislead consumers about the origins of flavor need to be addressed. For instance, in coffee championships, it would be more appropriate to have a separate category for these exotic flavored profiles, allowing them to showcase their distinctiveness and challenge the producer/roaster/barista to deliver an exceptional experience in the cup.

Commending Innovation:

Rather than attacking traditional purists, our aim is to congratulate the transformative companies that step out of their comfort zones to collaborate, build new relationships, and explore uncharted territory. These companies are not only elevating their own game but also fostering growth and innovation within the coffee industry as a whole.

Embracing Infused Coffees:

We invite you to consider infused beans the next time you purchase coffee for roasting or brewing at home. The surprises they hold are not limited to pour-overs or espressos; they can transform your cappuccinos and other fancy beverages into delightful experiences. Infused coffees might just become your new favorite go-to dessert.

Consumer Experience:

During our talks with frequent baristas that serve infused coffees, we’ve discovered that it is an extraordinary experience for the end consumer, specially for those beginning their journey as coffee enthusiasts that can feel frustrated by not easily identifying flavored notes in traditionally processed coffees.


At ClearPath Coffee, we firmly believe that infused coffees have the potential to revolutionize the way we experience and appreciate coffee. By supporting transparent practices, commending innovation, and encouraging exploration, we hope to contribute to the growth of this exciting aspect of the coffee industry. Join us in embracing the flavors and discovering the limitless possibilities of infused coffees.

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