Aromas del Sur Drymill is the result of a partnership with Claudia Samboni and Rodrigo Sanchez specialty coffee producers, leaders, and pioneers of the specialty coffee industry in Colombia. 

The dry mill was built in 2019 with the objective of solving a processing problem we found in the market. 

Mills in Colombia are designed for large volume, traditional washed processes coffee and commodity standards. The specialty coffee producers and clients we aim to serve are focused on high quality, innovative processing, traceability, and zero defects.

To be able to meet that specialty standard we built a state-of-the-art dry mill designed only for high-quality coffees. This facility is located in Pitalito Huila and has the following capabilities:

    Processing capacity of 220 x 70kg bags a day.

    Minimum batch: 1x 35kg bag

    Screen sizing: from 12 to 18

    Milling all kinds of processing methods: Washed, Honey, and Naturals

    Electronic sorting

    Handpick selection

    Packing in: 25Kg, 35kg, and 70Kg fique bags

    Vacuum packing: 12.5Kg and 25Kg boxes

    Cupping lab and administrative offices.

    Certified by Coffee Growers Federation

    Certified organic USDA, European Comission and NOP

    Clearpath Coffee - Featured character