Finca La Virgen de Oro

Támesis, Colombia

Finca La Virgen de Oro is located in the town of Tamesis, 111 km away from the city of Medellin.

The farm sits at an altitude of 1690 masl and with an average temperature of 21°C, nutrient rich volcanic soil and a biodiverse forest preserved in the plantations, the conditions are perfect for cultivating high quality coffee.

We'd like to share with you a testimonial from Steward Dew of Heritage Coffee, who received a sample of La Virgen de Oro coffee at a SCAA convention in Philadelphia: 

“Your coffee went through two preliminary cuppings to remove the “losers”, and then one final test to determine the best of all the Colombians tested. Virgen de Oro won. I sent the “finalists” to our Kentucky roasting plant, where my son cupped and agreed that yours was the best.

Later, I took the best of all the other Western Hemisphere coffees and put the two finalist against Virgen de Oro. One was a very good Guatemala and the other a surprisingly good washed Salvador. Virgen de Oro won again.

But we will not publish that final result, as in all fairness, there were not enough samplings from the other Western Hemisphere countries to present a proper comparison.

In any case, I assume you would be happy if we mentioned in our communication with the coffee trade that your coffee, in our estimation, was the best Colombian coffee at the SCAA convention.”

About the Estate:

Varietals: Typica 30%, Castillo 40%, Geisha 10%, Caturra 10%, Others 10% 

Altitude: 1720 masl

Farm area: 50 hectares

Coffee Area: 40 hectares

Shade: Nogal, Cedro and Native Species

Fermentation: Controlled and under experimentation 


Drying Method: Sun and mechanical 

Production Volume: 40.000 kilos per year

Water Spring:  5

Last Grading Score: 90/100

Certifications: Rainforest, Bird friendly 

Awards: Heritage coffee companies Colombian pride award, Specialty coffees of Antioquia in 2011, entrepreneurship and coffee quality in Antioquia 2010


Meet the Grower:

Jorge Mario Correa, Finca La Virgen de Oro

Jorge Mario Correa, Finca La Virgen de Oro

Jorge Mario is a person of strong character and firm principles, and is dedicated to continually fighting to improve the quality of Colombian coffee. Jorge believes the quality processes established by the FNC are lacking, and is constantly working to modernize and adapt the processes to meet the standards of the international market. He is passionate about the industry and his land, and proudly affirms that his farm has the best coffee you’ll find anywhere.