Finca Santa Lucia 

La Plata, Huila, Colombia

Finca Santa Lucia is located in the town of La Plata, in the foothills of the Cordillera Central. It's is a town and municipality in the Huila department of Colombia, and has a population of 57,000 inhabitants including the rural area. It is located 122 km away from Neiva, the capital of Huila. 

The farm sits at an altitude of 1650 masl and in total is 6.3 hectares, which by Huila coffee farms standards is medium to large. It's planted with coffee in 4.33 of these hectares due to the conservation of water springs, native forest patches and inaccessible areas on the farm which are not suitable for coffee planting.

The varieties of coffee are 60% Castillo which is a leaf rust (Roya) resistant strain of coffee plant; 20% Caturra and 20% of a varietal called Colombia, which is another of the rust resistant strains.

About the Estate:

Varietals: 20% Caturra, 60% Catillo, 20% Colombia 

Altitude: 1650 masl

Farm area: 6.3 hectares

Coffee Area: 4.33 hectares

Shade: Plantain, Guamo, Nogal Cafetero 

Fermentation: Yes 12- 24 hrs


Drying Method: Sun 

Production Volume: 10750 kilos per year

Water Spring: One  

Last Grading Score: 80/100

Certifications: None

Awards:  Clearpath's award for water conservation practices

Meet the Grower:

Yiver Vargas Perdomo, Finca Santa Lucia

Yiver Vargas Perdomo, Finca Santa Lucia

Finca Santa Lucia is owned and operated by Yiver Vargas Perdomo her daughter Marolling and two sons Cristian and Juan David.  This energetic family has been cultivating coffee for 18 years.  The family takes pride in their coffee, and strive to create a product that stands out not only in quality, but in the socially and ecologically responsible practices used to create it. Yiver describes the farm as a “folkloric paradise” because of the region’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. One of her projects is to share her positive energy and eco-friendly lifestyle by bringing coffee origin tourism to Finca Santa Lucia.