La Unión, Nariño, Colombia

Samarey is an entrepreneurial coffee farm started by a couple with years of experience in the industry. Gabriel Rey started in the coffee world 15 years ago, sourcing and commercializing coffee in the Nariño region of Colombia. Gabriel and his wife Karen, a certified Q-grader, later opened the independent coffee shop Nariño Express, where they sold only the highest quality hand-selected coffee from the region.

As they continued to develop their quality model, the couple decided they wanted to be involved in every step of the production process. Five years ago they started the Samarey farm, and today are collecting their first fruits and roasting the coffee on-site to serve in their coffee shops. The expertise and care that has gone into every step of production is evident in the excellent results.

Samarey continues to innovate and dedicates 10% of their land to experimenting with new varietals and harvesting methods.

About the Estate:

Varietals: Caturra 50%, Castillo 40%, experimental varieties 10% 

Altitude: 1650 masl

Farm area: 5 Hectares 

Coffee Area: 4.5 Hectares

Shade: Plantain, Higuerillo 

Fermentation: Controlled


Drying Method: Sun

Production Volume: 10.000 kg per year, Gabriel is also an active coffee buyer in his area

Water Spring:  None

Last Grading Score: 87/100

Certifications: None 

Awards:  Nariños government for his commitment to coffee quality

Meet the Grower:

Gabriel Rey, Finca Samarey

Gabriel Rey, Finca Samarey

The Reyes are an extremely close-knit family with two daughters in high school who always join Karen for coffee events. Gabriel is a leader in the Nariño department and manages internationally-funded projects for driving innovation in coffee quality.