La Amapola

Genova, Quindio, Colombia

Finca La Amapola has won awards for wildlife conservation and ecologically-friendly practices. Their high quality coffee and hard work led them to become a Starbucks supplier when the company first decided to start buying Colombian coffee. 

The owner, Octavio Cordona, began growing coffee at La Amapola in 1966, and has since achieved his dream of making his farm a natural wildlife sanctuary by planting fruit trees and allowing local plants to grow again in 20 of his 30 hectares.  

Octavio makes sure all the production practices in his farm are ecologically friendly and he gives the credit of the quality of his coffee to the healthy environment where it grows.

Currently we are developing a project to create at La Ampola a rehabilitation center for wild birds confiscated in operations against wildlife trafficking.

About the Estate:

Varietals: Caturra 30%, Castillo 40%, Typica 30% 

Altitude: 1750 masl

Farm area: 30 hectares

Coffee Area: 10 hectares

Shade: Plantain, Guamo, Nogal, Fruit trees 

Fermentation: Yes


Drying Method: Mechanical 

Production Volume: 10.000 kilos per year

Water Spring: 2   

Last Grading Score: 87

Certifications: None

Awards:  Ecological practices by CRQ

Meet the Grower:

Octavio Cardona, Finca La Amapola

Octavio Cardona, Finca La Amapola

Octavio is the founder of the specialty coffee association of Genova, Quindio. He is a regional leader in promoting and supporting other growers in the production of high quality coffee through sustainable practices. He has made a life commitment to nature conservation, making it a core value of his coffee production processes and dedicating two-thirds of his land to supporting wildlife.  

This is the kind of story we like to share and the kind of people we are proud to work with.