Palermo, Huila, Colombia

Diostede, owned by Jose Fierro, is one of the very few farms where a majority of the trees are of the highly prized Typica varietal. Unlike many growers who swapped their Typica trees for higher-yielding varietals, Jose has stuck with Typica for its unique taste profile and quality.

Although he does not yet have the capacity to harvest the lots separately, the Typica cherries are mixed with Caturra, and as usual the results from this blend produce an excellent cup.  Jose’s unique blend and careful production process has led him to be finalist in several coffee quality contests organized by the FNC.

About the Estate:

Varietals: Typica 60%, Carurra 30%, Castillo 10% 

Altitude: 1700 masl

Farm area: 16 Ha 

Coffee Area: 15 Ha 

Shade: Plantain, Guamo (Ingas)

Fermentation: Yes


Drying Method: Sun 

Production Volume: 20.000kg 

Water Spring:   2 

Last Grading Score: 89

Certifications: None 

Awards:  None 

Meet the Grower:

José María Fierro, Finca Diostede

José María Fierro, Finca Diostede

According to Jose, the two most important things in life are God and coffee.  He has been running Diostede with his wife for 36 years. Jose’s unique personality and strong values make doing business with him always a pleasure. His word represents an unbreakable commitment and once Jose decides to sell his coffee to you, he proceeds to set a price and never looks at the ICE again.