Corporación Altos de Miraflor 

Titiribí, Colombia

Corporación Altos de Miraflor is a private association of a small group of farms located near the town of Titiribí, Antioquia.  

The group is based on the principles of high quality coffee production and promotion of environmental and socially responsible practices. It now has 9 associated farms and is planning to expand as other farmers are showing interest to join.  

The group has a local brand of roasted coffee called "Amantti" that is sold in specialized stores in Titiribí and Medellin.  10% of the profits from its sales is designated to help a local school (Pueblito de los Bolivares) buy books, notebooks and other basic materials. 

They have also developed coffee tours taking advantage of their location (only 60km outside Medellin) and the amazing views they have from farms located 1950masl, whcih you can see in the photos here, and on their website.


About the Estates:

Varietals: Caturra, Castillo, Tabi, Bourbon, 1720 masl 

Altitude: 1650 - 1950 masl

Farm area: 20 hectares (Averge)

Coffee Area: 15 hectares (Average)

Shade: Nogal, Cedro, Fruit trees and Native Species

Fermentation: Controlled, Natural, And Honey process are also being done. 


Drying Method: Sun and mechanical 

Production Volume: 100.000 kilos per year

Water Springs:  2 per farm (Average) 

Last Grading Score: 86/100

Certifications: Rainforest, 4C, Fair Trade

Awards: None 


Meet the Grower:

Corporación Altos de Miraflor Team 

Corporación Altos de Miraflor Team 

Corporación Altos de Miraflor has a founding team of 9 coffee growers who share a passion for high quality coffee production and work together to improve their practices, help the community and find better markets for their coffee. The young Daniel Ospina is the one that brought the farmers together and is now in charge of sales and marketing.